The Invitation

Millie, a widow is visiting her daughter and on a walk in the woods when she comes upon a mysterious portal that takes her to another dimension of time. The mother-daughter relationship is shattered since the death of Millie’s husband. While Millie attempts to mend their relationship her visit only creates more tension between them.
One morning Millie decides to take a stroll when she encounters Romulus a magical buck. He protects his world from unwanted visitors and offers Millie an invitation to enter. She follows the buck and enters another dimension of time. Millie is struck by the pure beauty of the countryside and is shocked that she has become a time traveler. She meets Sean and there is an instant connection. After a few visits they fall in love but it becomes more difficult for Millie to re-enter Sean’s world. She discovers that the portal remains open for a short period of time and time is running out.


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Maryann Courtney
I have been writing since 2008 after being laid off from my banking job. I love to write and create interesting stories. I have written numerous posts on Alternative Remedies and a Blog on how to treat common ailments using herbal remedies.
I have two published ebooks and working on a third.

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