The Pigs Trotters

Of all the animals on the one-hundred-acre farm that live

It is the Pig and his Trotters that have the most love to give.


For the Horse and her Foal, their loves are to run free and to roll in the hay.

While the Cow, with full udders, loves most to be milked every day.


The Ducks on the pond with their Ducklings, how they love to be Mother,

And the Sheep on the hillside so love to follow each other.


For the Cock, his love is at sunrise when it’s his time to crow,

The Turkeys how they love a good gobble, as fatter they grow!


The Chickens love to roost, when the sun fades and evening draws near

The Cat of course loves to play Mouse, and the Dog just loves his Master so dear.


So, what of the Pig and his Trotters and the love shared with all?

For the Pig is a pet like no other, who lives in a stall.


Intelligent, funny and wise he sees all on the farm with his little piggy eye.

With a grunt and a squeal, he shares his heart full of love from his wet muddy sty


He sees how the animals are looked after so well on the farm

Fed, groomed and exercised by hands filled with love, affection and calm.


The Pig knows these hands and their care from the first day he was born,

As the runt of the litter, this piglet was saved at the first light of dawn.



His love and devotion is everlasting for the Trotters, it is undeniably true

For the Trotters are those hands that held him, blessing him with life all anew


These then are His Trotters: The Farmer and his family,

the people that care.

His Trotters have loved him all through his days, from his wet stubby nose to his coarse prickly hair.


In return he loves them, and all the other animals too, for whom he says thank you in the early evening light,

Before he settles in to enjoy a wade in the mud, then have a small bite of supper he might!


The Pigs Trotters is a celebration of all those hard working farmers, our true #FoodHeroes.

In conjunction with the on line animated video version The Pigs Trotters can be used to aid Children’s literacy and learning, introducing them to the core Farmyard animals found on a farm and their associated noises.

Child-Minders, teachers, parents and guardians may all find this a useful discussion and teaching resource with children of primary school / nursery / kindergarten age.

A child with conditions such as dyslexia and mild autism may find the animated video version to be an engaging medium, especially following recent feedback from a parent whose child has just been so diagnosed.

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We hope you enjoy your encounter with us.

Keep well and stay safe,



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August 4, 2020

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