The Sports Story

Many years ago the Birbilonies were happily living at their village with their friends, the Poumballs. Starting with a conflict they had with their flying neighbours, the Ririkies, they discovered a wonderful game which they loved a lot and which gave them excitement and many beautiful rainbows. But the malicious wizard, Bre, who hated nature together with all its creatures and wished for everyone to be miserable, kidnapped and imprisoned the Poumballs, so no one could play the game. With the help of the wise olive tree, who gave them a magical map and an everlasting torch, their adventures journey, to find and free their Poumballs begins, followed by new games, mermaids, battles with fires, with giants and whatever else you can imagine, so as to reach Bre’s castle, where the hardest battle was awaiting…

The Sports StoryThe Sports Story back

Anastasia Papadaki
Anastasia Papadakis was born in Germany in 1974 and was brought up in Greece. Her interest in athletics began at a very young age having been credited in lots of areas in the field. It was no surprise that her professional choice was to become a Physical educator teacher. She graduated with honors gaining a scholarship in the Department of Physical education and Sport Science at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece, continuing on to post-graduate Masters Degree on Physical activity and quality of life.
She wanted to transmit her love for athletics and the Olympic spirit to children bearing in mind the advantages that one gains when involved in sports, bodily, mentally and psychologically.
She currently lives with her husband and their two children in Thessaloniki Greece where she works as a teacher.

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