The Staff and the Orb

Welcome to the second book in the He Walks with Dragons series.  As often happens in our world, the world that Draig the dragonrider once knew was gone, and now, he will have to learn to live in a world he had often shunned. While Draig builds himself a new life within a short distance of a small piece of his past, his old life tugs at his soul. Though he tries to keep his past life a secret from those around him, myths, legend, and rumors inevitably find their way out of the darkness. Once upon a time, the world of Dragons called upon him to make the ultimate sacrifice and he answered the call. But when the world of Man unknowingly begs him to make that same sacrifice, will he again answer the call, or will he let the world of Man perish? Only Draig knows the answer, and you can too, if you dare to ride along with him.

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Stanley S. Thornton
I was born in Baldwin Park, California in 1954. I started working at 16, as a janitor in a roller skating rink. I was a jack-of-all-trades, including teacher's aide, building neon signs, and driving buses. I started writing poetry when I was 12, though most of my early work did not survive the years. My first book, a non-fiction, came out in 2010. Now the second book of my He Walks with Dragons series in completed and being released.
I do have a website that deals with my writing. While I do not sell my books from that site, it does have information that may be beneficial to people considering the purchase of my books.

I also have a facebook page, you're welcome to come visit, and toss me a like:

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