The Unexpected Visitor

The problem with secrets revealed is that once they go public, nobody is safe – not even professional investigators with a vested interest in exposing killers, subterfuge, and plots. This story establishes that very often  justice is not only blind, but can at times be stupid. 

The crime involves an unexpected visitor who feels others are ruining his life, and whose horrible deed involves not just murder. Detective Marconi is so immersed in his job that it’s taken over his life – but his commitments and investigative process are about to move in new directions as he faces a homicide far more complex than the usual perp’s modus operandi.  As the detective investigates one murder, two more deaths occur that are connected to a crime, implementing prominent men which for their own amusement destroys the lives of others. Pursuing the murderer, Lt. Marconi  and his partner are led into  a trap that one of them is at the mercy of the killer.

  Darkness permeates The Unexpected Visitor, from the detective’s night prowls to the psychological wounds that foster revenge and more. As the chronicle emphasizes, justice isn’t blind – but it can sometimes turn a blind eye towards moral issues before the dust finishes settling. 

But not before hostages are taken and a detective charged with problem-solving finds himself drawn into something more deadly than a singular murder investigation. 

Replete with psychological depth on the makings of a killer and the motives of a problem-solving detective, The Unexpected Visitor will reach and engage audiences who look for involving investigative pieces that reveal secrets, depravities, and circumstances which draw victims and bad men into an engrossing series of dangerous games. Mystery readers will find it a nicely detailed, absorbing plot that moves between characters with a fluid attention to detail and psychological insights on all sides. 

Nobody knows what pain they inflect on others; especially when pain perceived as a game. That’s how madmen are created. That’s how situations evolve which return to haunt the game’s instigators. And that’s part of what immerses Detective Marconi in one of the deadliest investigative courses of his career.





Tom P Alberti
Tom P Alberti. I am a retired x-ray technician. During my retired years, I have written two children's books, "The Adventures of Hippie," and "Dinosaurs, The Amazing Creatures," a collection of short stories called, "Pathways," and my adult mystery, "The Unexpected Visitor." I have also won an essay for senior citizens in the state of Illinois for "No Barriers", which concerned the elderly and the disabled. My short story, "A Snowy Day" won third prize on

My objective is to entertain, arouse your interest and make you laugh along the way.

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