The world of Emeralds – III

Emerald or Panna is an exceptionally precious stone of the renowned Navratan family. As we have options to buy gemstones online, we can buy any gem sitting anywhere in the world. Continuing our series of Emeralds, here we are discussing the remaining 2 C’s of this astonishing gemstone. For the previous 2 c’s of Emerald i.e., cut and color, read out the previous link of the series “The world of Emeralds – II“.

Panna or Emeralds are some of the most profound gemstones available on the earth. Generally, gemstones have tiny imperfections in them which are known as inclusions. They consist of needles, crystals, clouds, feathers, pinpoints, and cavities-like effects and are evaluated face up even without magnification.

Emeralds commonly contain three phases of inclusions i.e., solid crystals, liquid films, and gaseous bubbles, which are found less or more in almost all the origins of emeralds. Fissures or tiny fractures are the most common inclusions that look wavy or whitish inside an emerald. These inclusions occur naturally during the growth process of this stone. However, there is no standardized grading scale for the clarity level of emeralds, the key is to perceive the clarity as a whole rather than concentrating on a single inclusion.

Emeralds that are extracted from the Chivor mine of Colombia often carry albite, pyrite, needle, and growth tubes type of inclusions. Whereas there exist color-zoned black dot-like specks in Zambian emeralds. An eye-clean emerald with a rich bright-green hue is extremely rare and henceforth is exceptionally expensive.

Since inclusions are normal in all origin emeralds, it is not a point to worry too much about. The color is the main dominating factor in determining the overall quality. Inclusions are visible even in higher qualities. Though, in heavily included emeralds there is sometimes a washout of the original shade due to the inclusions. In such a case, the quality grade reduces with a reduction in color.

Although carat weight is more of an approximation for a gemstone’s size, it is not exacting its physical measurement. Contradicting the traditional viewpoint, Emerald rough is cut and measured in millimeters from length to width and not by carat. In order to showcase a better color and luster, an emerald may get a shallower or deeper cut that ultimately affects its carat weight drastically, even though the length and width of the shape remain the same. With an increase in emerald’s size, the price increases accordingly.

A round and octagon-shaped emerald, also known as Panna, generally looks larger in comparison to a Cushion and prince cut. Pear and oval cut emeralds are available in all sizes. Squarer shapes tend to allocate more size and in-depth weight. However, they will look smallest as they are accessible in a smaller size than 5mm. In the case of diamonds, an artisan can reduce the size to remove inclusions but it is rarely a case with natural emeralds because inclusions are present throughout the surface.

Least, yet reflective, carat weight can influence the price of an emerald gemstone on a larger scale especially when there is a co-existence of size and clarity. Since emeralds are impartially included, discovering an emerald above a few carats with eye-clean clarity display is usually rare. Similarly, its price will reflect according to its rarity. In contrast, a high carat weight emerald with a dull green color will be low-priced than a smaller one exhibiting a bright and vivid greenish-blue hue.

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April 11, 2021

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