To Those Afflicted

What is wrong with Kanyin? That is the question that Snow—Kanyin’s little sister—reflects in a personal journal first in high school, then as a junior in college, and finally in her young adult years. Doctors, psychiatrists, and jurors all diagnose Kanyin as schizophrenic.

Despite what others say, Snow is unable to dismiss the unsettling feeling she experiences around Kanyin or the sinister dark shadow that Snow dismisses as her overactive imagination in her older sister’s room. Snow’s obligation to family finds her trying to understand and help her older sister. The longing to confide in her sister is constantly disrupted as Snow enjoys academic and athletic accomplishments in high school and in college.

It is only when Snow finds herself divorced and alone in a house far from her family with a dissatisfying job, that she remembers what gave her life purpose. It is only then that she allows herself to open her eyes to the real reason for her sister’s bizarre behavior.

Neglecting the life she believed she wanted, Snow decides to finally put her life on hold to focus all of her attention on helping her older sister.




J. L. Blankenship

©2020 part of the #Promocave Family


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