Trials and Triumphs II

The voice burst into my mind like a swirling tornado,
upending a lethargic town: “Greg, where do you want
to spend eternity: in Heaven in My presence or in Hell separated
from Me forever?”(  Trials and Triumphs. )
Heaven, of course. That’s a no-brainer. What a stupid
question to be asking me. I was only nineteen years old, and
I had my whole future ahead of me. Who was thinking of
dying now? Trials and triumphs are coming.

The voice filtered through my mental fog again, “You
could die at any time, and you are separated from My presence.
Surely at this point in time you will go to Hell.”
I was totally confused. Who in the world would be this
concerned about where I was going in eternity? I didn’t  even
believe in eternity, let alone God. Like the Lord had confronted
Paul on the road to Damascus, the Lord was confronting
me about eternity and where I would spend it. (I was
not knocked off my horse by a light beam from Heaven.) I
moved on, forgetting about this close encounter of the heavenly kind.

 One week later, I enrolled at De Anza Junior College, and quite surprised, I saw a former partying friend at the registration desk. We exchanged small talk, but there was something
quite different about her. Her face glowed as if she were from
another world. She explained to me that she had made her
citizenship in Heaven and that when Jesus had become her
Savior, He had transformed her life. (My Triumphs and Trials are won in Jesus.)
“I don’t want any of that religious jive,” I said. “Come on!”
We talked a few more minutes, and she invited me to
come to their church’s youth meeting that Wednesday night.
“Yeah, sure. I’ll think about coming,” I said, but I thought,
Come on, a partier like me going to church to study the Bible…
Excerpt : Trials and Triumphs 2

This article may be found in the book”Trials and Triumphs 2″

Greg Mancini

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