(Psalms 37 Novel)

#UNFORSAKEN “I once was young but now I’m old.” These are the words spoken not only by King David in the book of Psalms 37 but also by Mother Montgomery of Wondrous Works Tabernacle Fellowship. In the return of the Psalms 37 Novel Series by Shakira R. Thompson, you will learn, despite circumstances, the righteous are never FORSAKEN. BAD GUYS HAVE IT IN FOR THE GOOD GUYS No one seems to know where the embattled Carson Eugene Montgomery IV is and his presence is needed during a difficult time in his family’s life. Both with the Montgomerys and the Hartgroves. In The Big Bonanza, Scarlett thought she and Carson made amends when they both extended olive branches. Despite the pain caused by Carson, Scarlett desperately wanted to believe the man she once loved had changed for good. However, in true Carson Montgomery fashion, he has gone back on his word, leaving the Hartgroves at odds and in a constant state of fear. Even with her husband, James by her side, Scarlett still questions whether or not God is looking out for her and if the High Noon sun will shine in her direction. With miles separating them, Scarlett wonders if she’ll ever get away from the grip of her ex-husband, Carson. IN THE TIMES OF DISASTER THEY WILL NOT WITHER Unlike we’ve ever seen before, George and Minta will come face to face in dealing with underlying issues that have been suppressed in an effort to create the façade of a more perfect union. After decades and decades of marriage, will the couple succumb to the pressure or will they decide to aspire towards new lands of promise? TURN YOUR BACK ON EVIL You will be surprised at the amount of pure evil The Watsons, the Montgomerys, and the Hartgroves will witness in the last installment of the Psalms 37 Novel Series. However, these families showcase how important it is to turn your backs to evil and live as God would want. If you are you ready to find out what it means to be UNFORSAKEN, let the church say, “Amen.”








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Shakira R. Thompson
Shakira R. Thompson, A natural born storyteller who submitted to her God-given talents, and God showed up and made her a BELIEVER. He transformed her into an author, publisher, and entrepreneur.

She is the founder of Believer’s Choice Media, an inspirational content company dedicated to encouraging believers to live the life they were created to live on earth and beyond. She’s penned five, well-received inspirational fiction novels.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Shakira is not only writing and speaking, she's living...living her life according to Ephesians 2:10:

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them." (KJV)

Shakira is a proud Alumni of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida where she holds a B.S in Business Administration as well as an M.B.A. with a concentration in Supply Chain Management.

Living her life with purpose has pushed her into her next venture, co-hosting The Dee Lee Show, where she has the opportunity to encourage BELIEVERS over the airwaves.

Although Shakira may wear many hats these days, the most important role to her, is that of wife and mother.

Born and raised in Fernandina Beach, Florida, she now resides in Orlando, Florida with her family.

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