A Walk with Heavenly Spirits

Allison Stevens became a Christian at a young age, but she makes a wrong decision that takes her on a collision course of disappointment and heartache. God loves her and wants her back, but Satan wants to keep her in a life of despair and lies. Heavenly Spirits are sent by God to instruct and remind Allison of God’s promises. Can she learn to trust God’s word and become the woman God meant for her to be? A family she didn’t know she had, a man grieving a personal loss, and a felon who wants her dead makes her relationships more complicated than ever. Can she learn to trust God again and walk by faith? On the road back to God, she discovers that the path doesn’t come without trials but now she realizes she isn’t alone. God is with her. Can she stay strong and follow God’s path?










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J.E. Grace writes in the science fiction, mystery/romance and Christian fiction genre. She is a retired retail store manager and real estate agent. She retired from real estate to pursue her passions: Writing & Painting.

She is currently working on a mystery/novel entitled, "Haunted Visions-Mystery at Pacific Cove" which is due to be published in late April 2016. She is also working on a sequel to The Zarion-Saving Mankind which came out in January 2016.

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