What does it take to succeed? Hard work? Connections? well, more like it but it takes more than that. John has spent a tremendous amount of time researching why America has the largest number of millionaires and billionaires than any other country in the world.
Maybe you already know why 50% of world millionaires and billionaires are from the USA, or maybe you don’t…am talking about self-made, not those who inherited…but all in all, I decided to remind you what you already know but you are not acting on it, what you already have but you are not using it… because you have whatever it takes to live the life of your dreams…
You might not be the next billionaire… but at least you will live the life of your dream…because if you have the right sports shoes and jersey, the run becomes more fun…
The book is short, brief and to the point. Yes, it can be read by 15-year-old and make sense to a Ph.D. holder.






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