Where’s My Purse?

Is a recounting of the journey through Alzheimer’s with my mother. Albeit this disease is heartbreaking, I approached the circumstances from a positive angle – celebrating what was right with Mom’s world, instead of what wasn’t.

Diagnosis: Alzheimer’s disease.  Now what?

Each and every day millions of individuals are facing this exact situation and have no idea what to do.  Their easiest course of action is to scour the Internet in search of information, when all they really want is to hear from someone who’s actually been through it.  I understand – I’ve been there. Despite my best efforts to deal with everything I made plenty of mistakes, the largest of which, was feeling sorry for myself.  My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s; it wasn’t about me.  I decided to approach the situation from a very different perspective, and because of that newfound positivity, I was better equipped to handle everything.

Join me while I walk you through my very private journey with JoAnn, my mother and best friend.  I’m hopeful that by offering you the truth about my experiences, as well as suggestions on how to exercise humor and grace, it may help you to better cope with your loved one’s behavioral changes.

Perspective is everything and altering mine was just what the doctor ordered.

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T. A. Sorensen
T.A. Sorensen resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, where she works as a designer. After spending two years in Colorado and twelve years in Toronto, Canada, they returned to be closer to her family in her beautiful birthplace.

"Writing Where’s My Purse has been a challenging exercise, due to the sensitive nature of the content. At times I have struggled with the notion that some may perceive me as insensitive, which I am not. Looking at select situations with a comedic eye helps ME cope, and that’s how my mom would want it. I was raised in a home where laughter was used as a defense mechanism, a vehicle for communication and our pharmaceutical of choice. When we learned that Mom had Alzheimer’s, I found myself drowning in a sea of self-pity, yet JoAnn was the one who drew the short straw. In other words, I was making it about me. The only obvious solution was to change MY perspective. Once that adjustment was made, I became a highly effective advocate for her and found peace.

There’s also the little matter of opening up my private world to total strangers; very uncharacteristic of me. But, I understand how it feels to walk this road with someone you love and feel helpless. Granted, there’s an abundance of reference material just waiting to be downloaded, but what I have valued more during this process, is hearing from others in similar situations, which has validated my feelings."

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