Who’s Your Daddy?

Let’s clear up something right away.  My dad’s name is not David.  Daddy’s name was Mervin Darcy.  That may sound odd to some folks, but it is rich in meaning and memories to me.  Daddy understood my heart and lived a life that taught me that when we are yielded and committed to the Father, we can overcome any obstacle and fulfill our God-given dreams.

So, where did David come from?  Stick with me and hopefully it will become as clear to you as it is to me.  As long as I can remember, my vocation has been teaching.  Over the years teaching for me has had many faces.  The Lord used my vocation to teach me and to take me to a place where He could break my heart, and give me a burden.  The burden has given a purpose to my passion, writing.  When I considered God’s writers as I sought a title for this blog, my first thought was King David, who shared his triumphs and tragedies, fright, frustration, and exhortation.  David shared his heart with God, and thankfully with God’s children as well.  My goal is the same.

Here’s the deal.  First and foremost, I am a child, a daughter of the King.  Secondly, I am blessed to have been given a little talent and a lot of passion to write for His children.  Bottom line, David’s Daughter is someone who loves the Lord and wants to share His gospel through her writing.

Will you come with me on this journey?  As I share my baby and big steps, while learning to minister to “the least of these”, I hope you will share your journey as well.  My daughter’s blog, “Giving Up on Perfect”, has inspired me to be trustingly transparent, my first big step.  Where does your journey begin?

Step one:  Who’s your Daddy?  Who or what drives you?  What is it that you feel compelled to do whether it makes sense to anyone else or not?  Reading Ephesians 2 this morning, God reaffirmed that He has “good works” for all of us.  Please note, it doesn’t say there are levels of good works.  There’s not the Nobel Peace Prize works for the brilliant, and slacker works for those of us who are trying to figure out our gifts and purposes.  Just “good works”.

If you are blessed to be firmly on your path to achieving your good works, you are confident in knowing who’s your daddy, I’d love to join the ranks of those who are already celebrating you. Perhaps you’re more like me, hesitantly just starting your good works journey, and continually looking around to make sure daddy is still there.  Shall we share this journey in writing and learning more about ourselves together?

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Daddy and me 2

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