Is the world ‘deterministic’? – An argument built on space and time.

We always wonder whether we exercise our own free wills to carve our future or we’re just living out our life of fate towards a set destiny. It is an eternal debate to conclude what are the things that are really within our control and of those that are out of our grasp.

How long our wishes can be entertained in this world of dimensions that are more than we see? Are really things are inevitable in spite of the choices we make or we can make? Should we be responsible for our choices if we’re predestined?

Scientists, Philosophers and Theologists – all were intrigued by this questions. I present you my argument built on space and time.

Time and space are two certain aspects of reality. These two dimensions can never be the same for two different individuals. There is always this slightest of differences of those two prevailing between objects that exist. This actually is the bedrock reason for individuality of all existence from living to non-living bodies.

Hence, these two fundamental aspects of reality exerts their effects on one another that gives ‘reality’- the ambiguity of certainty. Since, we are bound by nature of time to ask only what if’s and if not’s we’re given the illusion of ‘present’ whereas actually it’s the future of the past. I call ‘present’ as an illusion since we think to act. However instantaneous (done, occurring, or acting without any perceptible duration of time) the action may be, it can’t occur without an interval between thought and exertion of thought which we call as ‘action’.

And thus, the continuity of thought and action can now be called into question because of the interval between the two. Since, any external force can collapse the continuity due to the ‘liminality of thoughts’ in reality.  It is thus a bitter truth to accept that there are so many variables in reality for us to control to act out our will though we’re not aware of it at most of the times. It is due to the fact that ‘lesser the time interval between thoughts and action more is the probability of them becoming real to be exercised’. The possibility of a ‘will’ becoming reality increases if the time interval between thought and action decreases since it lessens the number and effect of variables acting on the will.

Having said that, the individual bodies, both living and non-living hold different space at one point of time. And thus the differing environments and it eventually leads to difference in circumstances. An individual thus fights to exert its own freewill for the purpose of its existence due to the uncertainty of future.  Again time plays an important role since it differs existing bodies by space for it to provide them with individuality.It proves time and space as inseparable components of reality.

Harmony of space and time thus results in a picture of chaotic reality. Since, the world is deterministic as a whole which is the only reality, albeit an ever-changing one.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards!”    -Soren Kierkegaard

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January 22, 2016


January 22, 2016

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