Amazing things that will happen If you read a book before going to bed

I do believe something magical can happen when you read a book

Are you one of the 75% of human beings who has not read a single book in the whole of last year? If you are, then read this because you will be amazed at to know how beneficial reading is for your life and health, especially if you are daily reading before going to bed. If you already do, just pat yourself on your back because you really know how to care for yourself.

Here are some amazing things that will happen if you read a book before going to bed

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies the man who never reads lives only one

Reduce Stress

Enjoy a stressfree life reading books daily,  A Theory states book reading can reduce stress by 60 % in just 6 mins you can read this article to know more about the theory The best way to lower your stress by 60% in 6 mins

Design your Dream and enjoy good sleeping habbits

Dreams are thoughts and incidents that you have carried all your day or before the moments before you have slept, so reading a book before going to bed will not only help you acquiring knowledge but also to design your dream (by making you remember unwanted thoughts)

More Loving and Loved

Reading a book makes you involve about the characters and instances mentioned in the book, most of the people who read books are empathic (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.) so this helps you in not only to be more lovely to others but also be loved by your fellow beings

More Concentration

Its proven from ages people who read more or If You Read Before Bed it clears your mind and makes you more relaxed and clears unwanted and disturbing thoughts which helps you build more concentration in life

If you are spending time before bed watching tv, browsing social media or some youtube video you get acarried away with unwanted thoughts but books make you focus on a single thought or story

Try reading a story or comic before you sleep rather than regular news papers or incidents

Hacking Creativity

Reading is feeding brain with lot of creative food, this enhances your mind with cognitive functions, you tend to be more creative and much idealistic both in your thoughts and actions so its one of the Amazing Things that will happen If You read a book before going to bed

So you want to start reading , here is the link to access 100,000 free books

Now a days its easy reading books with all the great book reading platforms,
Defintely you will experience all these Amazing Things that will happen If You read a book before going to bed

tell me if i have missed anything or if you are looking for some good books to start reading, just mention your intrests and what kind of book you are looking for, I will share you a free book depending on your request

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