An ‘Angelina’s Secret’ Book Passage

Walking over to a tall cabinet in the corner of the room he opened it and rummaged through, looking for something in particular. Removing a dress from the closed, he shut the door then depositing a lovely navy blue satin gown on the bed, and turned, fixing me with a look that sent a shiver up my spine.
“If you would indulge me my Lady, I think you will find this garment most suitable. Will you require my assistance to put it on?” He asked fixing me with a rakish smile. “I am very good with buttons and hooks.” He informed me.
A blush crept up my chest once again and I turned towards the window to find my composure. “No thank you, I believe I can manage.” I said over my shoulder praying all the while that he would leave me to change in peace and not stay to watch.
“As you wish Mademoiselle.” And with that I heard the door close quietly behind me and then silence.
Sweet precious silence, I thought to myself, breathing in a deep cleansing breath of the ocean air.
Taking notice of the darkened skies I breathed deeply again. It smelled like a storm was coming, I guess the man with the bad leg was right.
An hour later there came a knock on the door then a pause.
“Come in.” I called out.
The door opened cautiously and the young man from earlier entered. He hung several lit lanterns, then set about lighting the sconces that hung around the cabin and the candles on the table.
The room taking on an intimate atmosphere of glowing candle light did not help to quiet my apprehensions and misgivings about eating alone with a Pirate.
My frayed nerves were raw as I stood at the window in my borrowed gown, watching the last bit of light fade from the dusky sky.
The young man exiting the room without a word and as if on cue the Captain entered.
He had changed into formal evening attire. His jacket was green and brown brocade with gold threading throughout. He wore a freshly laundered white shirt tucked into his dark brown trousers. The boots were of fine Italian leather, black on the bottom with a cuff of brown along the top. He was the picture of French nobility, except for the long beard and hair. He had taken the braids out of his hair, pulling it back he had plaited it, which only added to his rakishly masculine good looks.
Carrying in a large tray, which he placed in the middle of the table, he greeted me with a most gracious smile, as if we were merely long time acquaintances sitting down to a friendly meal.
“I see you fared well with the gown. And might I add how lovely that color is on you.” He said with a display of courtly graciousness that only added to the discomfort of my situation.
The gown was fashionable but very low cut and swept just off the shoulders. The skirt of the gown opened in the front to reveal my delicate petticoats in a slightly more provocative way than I would have liked. The only real problem with the gown, was my inability to fasten all the hooks and buttons down the back. So there I stood in my state of undress.
“I have only one complaint with your dress Sir. You see, try as I may I am not a contortionist and I am unable to fasten the gown. Would you mind?” I asked as I stood still, casting my eyes to the ground.
Slowly walking over to me, stopping only inches from me for a full minute, before tipping my head slowly up, forcing my eyes to meet his gaze, he leaned down close to my ear. “I know I told you I was an expert at buttons and hooks, but what I neglected to tell you was, that I am more prone to undoing them.” He purred seductively in my ear.
Before my right hand could land a slap a crossed his face, he grabbed it in anticipation of my reaction, spinning me around in one fluid motion and  pinning me against the wall with his body. Turning loose of my arm I used them both to brace against the wall, terrified to move and enrage him further.
He stood so close to me I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he mocked me with a derisive laugh. His hands were large and his touch burned my skin through the thin cloth as he fastened the gown.
My knees had begun to shake and I feared I would have fallen to the ground if not for the fact that I was pinned against the wall by his solid body. Taking one large breath and letting it out slowly and then another attempting to clear my head I could still feel his hot breath on my neck as he worked to fasten the last few buttons.

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December 24, 2015

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