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Alex A. Akira

Rhode Island School of Design alumnus Alex A. Akira is a professional designer with over twenty-five years of experience in the arts, fashion and design industry.

​A consummate artist, Alex worked as an illustrator, an actor, a model, a personal fitness trainer and designer before opening his own art and design studio, Breakthrough Concepts, in the early 90's. For sixteen years Alex’s traditionally crafted art, illustrations and accessories were sold through hotel chains and museum stores internationally.

Most recently, Alex headed the design team of a fashion accessory & giftware house for seven years before the company closed its doors in 2014. During that time Alex polished his digital art skills and authored and illustrated his five-star Yaoi meets Male/Male Romance series, Dojo Boys, which is currently in its second publishing.

In 2015 Alex opened AKIRA801, a Art & Design service specializing in:
Digital Character Illustration for books, covers, banners and advertising.
Social Media Promotional Illustration for the Digital Publishing Industy