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To create the world of Nomoni Andrea Lily has drawn on her life experiences of children suffering from asthma, breathing difficulties and acute allergies (anaphylaxis) with the night disturbances that often follow. Using the same calming therapy learnt beside her dying artist father during her own childhood asthmatic attacks, Nomoni invites children to focus on a safe and beautiful place where the fears and traumas of the day are always shut out.
The bedtime stories were inspired by the wonderful imagination of many children in her care, alongside the healing beauty and friendship of the author's canine family of exotic sighthounds. Not meant to replace the need for essential medications and professional help, it is yet the author's fervent hope that Nomoni will help quell childhood anxieties and result in peaceful nights - No More Nightmares.
Some of the canine inspirations for the Mevali hounds of Nomoni can be viewed at