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Andrew Marmion

Andrew Marmion is a Scottish writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He lives in Ireland with his wife Becky and his two daughters - Ciara and Sarah.

He is a psychiatric nurse and he also has a B.A. Divinity (Hons). He wanted to be a published writer since he was a child, but has only realised his dream over the past few years when several of his articles were accepted for publication by 'Ireland's Own' magazine.

Andrew experienced a spiritual awakening after struggling with depression for a number of years. This spiritual epiphany involved a profound experience with seven archangels. "I couldn't believe it," he said. "They just manifested themselves, and when they did, my depression lifted. It's never been back since."

After this, Andrew decided to dedicate a large part of his writing to help people who are experiencing the stress and strain of living in today's world. He hopes to write several books to this effect including the angels, and how they help, guide, comfort and protect us. 'Angelic Thinking' is the first in the series of Angelic Guidance.