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Angela Dingler

Angela Dingler is a Christian writer and speaker. She has just released her first non-fiction work which includes her poetry and an inside look at the story of her life. Angela was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of twenty-eight and was hospitalized several times for attempting suicide in the following years. She now offers hope to her audience after working through healing from childhood sexual abuse and trauma, failed marriages, and addictions. Angela is a wife and a mother to three amazing children and the two youngest keep her on her toes. She went back to school at the age of forty-two and has earned her Associate in Arts from Jefferson State Community College with honors. Angela has spoken to various audiences to share her story of hope and wants others to know that life is a journey and faith is a process. She wants you to know that no matter where you are in your journey or in your process of faith, you are deeply loved and highly regarded. By sharing her own struggles with self-esteem, purpose, emotions, depression, and hopelessness, Angela gives a transparent glimpse at how healing happens and faith takes root and grows.