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Ariane Page

Ariane Page (pen name) was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She studied and worked in communications as an assistant director for Radio Canada Montreal (CBC TV) for television shows that developed her interest in man-woman relationships as well as in environmental issues. Since two of her siblings had handicaps her interest in health sciences was always strong and she became a hygienist-naturopath (Paris, France) and managed a natural health clinic for over 25 years. She also studied Education Science at Nanterre University in Paris, France. She is a member of the ISSS (International Society for the Systems Science).

In Paris, she taught yoga and provided relaxation sessions to groups and pregnant women. She co-founded the ANEP, a national organization dedicated to the promotion of prenatal education and co-wrote a book on the subject. She lectured and was interviewed on her ideas of "the feminine" and "the masculine" concepts as well as on prenatal education.

Still in Paris she met a medical doctor, lecturer, researcher, teacher of medical acupuncture who had developed a model for medicine: "medical biocybernetics". He cured her of her chronic anorexia. They eventually moved to Canada. Ariane managed their thriving health clinic and studied the model used by many traditions through the medical biocybernetics (MBC) point of view for close to twenty-five years, developing the non-medical aspects of it into the LIFE approach. At the same time, she followed her interests in Jungian psychology, religious traditions, art, systems science, and brain research. The elaboration of the LIFE approach led to the writing of Isis Code, a reference book connecting brain research results and this model. Her second book "Love Them Back to LIFE" summarizes her findings and allows readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Ariane now lives in Quebec, where she offers personal consultations on LIFE applications.

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