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Awad Sharar

Being an unsuccessful husband and a university graduate with three languages, I travelled abroad and worked for the UN for six years during which I was able to visit a lot of countries and befriended a lot of people of different castes, races, cultures, religions and languages. Although on the Earth, sometimes my colleagues and I lived in the real paradise, five-star hotels, first class restaurants, fabulous cars… but most of the time we were in the hell: hunger, fear of insects, reptiles, wild animals and bandits in addition to the freezing cold or burning heat without any mechanical, electric or electronic device or machine.
It's funny to have money but not to find anything worthy to buy. Sometimes, we wished we had been able to make a salad plate of banknotes. Nevertheless, one has to be on bended knees in respect for the good and kind local citizens who can bear the abject poverty, biting hunger, illiteracy, isolation, oppression… and completely aware of their rulers' and decision makers' corruption, but helpless, unable to do anything against them because the armies of those rulers are ready to shoot, aiming to kill anyone, anywhere, and anytime in their countries.
There are endless wars in what was called the third world. Currently, there are civil wars in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Colombia and in some other countries in Africa and Latin America. I wonder if anyone is able to justify these wars. That 's almost the subject of my book 'She promised The Moon'.