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Boris Pfeiffer

Born 1964 in Berlin, is a german writer of children's books, theater plays and poetry. Before he got to be an author, he worked as stage director and screenwriter.

After some years working as an assistant director, he started writing plays, in the beginning for adults, later mainly for children and worked as stage director, for instance in Berlin and Zurich. He studied screenplay at the "Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie, Berlin". After having sold some screenplays he turned his back to German TV and startet writing children's books, detective stories and novels. Boris Pfeiffer is the author of "Kira und Buttermilch", "Das Wilde Pack" (co-author André Marx), "Unsichtbar und trotzdem da!" and "Die Akademie der Abenteuer". He wrote more than 30 volumes of the german cult series "Die drei ??? Kids". He also wrote the audio dramas of "Das Wilde Pack". His novels "Baby im Bauch?" and "One Night Stand" are about youngsters growing up in Berlin. During the last years he has become a famous reader in Germany and is doing more the 50 readings every year for children and grown ups.

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