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As we wander through life, we're all witnesses in some pretty interesting "scenes". The overall aim of bytestories is to allow you to record these moments to ensure that they do not slip into the ether. We'd also like to entertain / inspire / teach you by sharing others' experiences as well. While on bytestories, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of ways to entertain yourself as you slip into the shoes of others.

Why is it called bytestories?

This is a place for "byte-sized" stories. There is a 1500 character (about 200-250 words) limit in place for two main reasons. We want you to know that "War and Peace" is not required to leave your mark. As they say, time is money so we also want your readers to gain their insight in a timely fashion.

This has been created with you in mind. Whether you're sharing something or checking out the stories, we want to look after you! Contributors will be able to share their stories after a couple of clicks and a few nicely-crafted keystrokes - and then proudly show them off in a matter of moments! Readers will be able to read their friend’s stories as well as browse through the best-of-the-best-of-the-best stories.