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Judith Bognar Bean, author of BITTERSWEET FREEDOM, was born in Budapest, Hungary, to a 1956 Freedom Fighter. The author's father, a renowned musician with a death sentence pronounced upon him by the Red Army for being politically outspoken against the communist government, having endured and witnessed the suffering and brutality inflicted upon the Hungarian people as the 1956 Revolution shattered their world, escaped with his little family on a cold night in November of 1956, undergoing harrowing circumstances to reach a small wooden bridge shrouded amidst swampy marshland, a beacon of hope, waiting to lead the refugees into a vast unknown void called “Freedom.”

But unfortunately, even in America, her family faced more heartrending battles: the agony of ethnic discrimination, the pangs of destitution, and the bitter pain of family dissent and misunderstanding.

After the death of her parents, the author gave up her thirty-year career of medical transcription to devote her efforts towards the writing of an immersively detailed family saga spanning seven decades.

Although deeply inspired by historical events, she also finds the genres of romance, the paranormal, and science fiction high on her list of adventurous reads.

The author lives in North Carolina with her husband, Charles, and son, Charlton on her farm in the country along with her closest friends: the deer, raccoons, possums, rabbits, squirrels, skunks, and one fat cat.

The author feels that within each of us, there is a world full of dreams left to dream and the span of a human life is a miraculous metamorphosis. She encourages all her readers to seize each moment of every day, and make each minute a lifetime of living!

She is a guest speaker on many radio shows and podcasts on the subjects of Patriotism, and the Atrocities of Communism and Socialism.