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CC Hogan

I think the rock I was born beneath must have been a peculiarly dark and damp place; not evil or desolate, just lacking a little light and dryness.

This in no way is reflected in my writing at all which is all light and fluffy ... apart from the dark and damp bits of course.

I am a Londoner, by birth, nature and general nutritional health, and spent my formative teenage years well and truly planted in the 1970s. Contrary to popular history this was not a desperate time of washed out colours, evil haircuts and constant blackouts (though all those things appeared in the general narrative), but featured the hottest summer on record and my O-Level results, which were interesting.

As a writer I am a fidget. If Terry Pratchet is a keeper of carnivorous plants, then I am the fly trying to avoid them. My resistance to comedy is perniciously low and I am likely to fall into the trap of the gag with no notice what so ever.

But I also like the human mind and exploring its angst as well as its euphoric moods is a delight.