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Cheri Vause

Chéri Vausé's Noire Mystery Thrillers are not your usual mystery or thriller. She invites you to take a walk on the "noire side", confronting shadows and psychological twisters, doppelgängers, and ghosts, and more twists than a pretzel. Using Carl Jung's Shadow Archetype, Chéri has a unique way of constructing her heroes and villains, drawing the analogy between both. Just when you think you know what's going on, you're wrong. Chéri offers her hand to help lead you through the lies of The Truth and Nothing but Lies, and to walk briskly through The Night Shadow (the first book of The Shadow series). Shudder at the icy characters in The Touch of a Shadow (the second book in The Shadow series). Find the differences between spies and terrorists in the third in The Shadow series, Lady in the Shadows. Dress to kill, and meet her on a dark, foggy night, where shadows startle and menace, and you just might have to face that dark shadowy character in yourself.

~ Chéri Vausé is an author, lecturer, and noted expert on the Catholic Ladder, a time line developed by the Jesuit black robes sent to the Americas to teach the scriptures. She taught theology for more than twenty-five years using the Talmud (Rabbinic commentaries on the scripture), the Aggadah (Oral stories of the Old Testament), the Kabbalah (the Jewish ladder of creation), the Catholic Catechism, and Canon Law as resources to interpret scripture.

~ Chéri has travelled and lived all over the continental US and Europe. When she chose a place to settle, nothing would do but Texas. She settled on a small ranch in South Central Texas with her husband, the love of her life. She is a mother and grandmother, and a willing vassal to her majesty, a Coydog named Scully (half coyote and half beagle), and her partner in crime, Mulder, a black Great Pyrenees. When a duck showed up, he was promptly named Doggett, and they knew they had to provide friends for him: Krycek and Fowley. But just the other day, Doggett became a mother. She is now the proud owner of the new name, Samantha (for Fox Mulder's sister in the X-Files). Fowley has turned out to be a boy, so we went to a breeder and picked up a little girl and named her Monica (for the character Monica Reyes in the series). Anything can happen at the X-Files ranch in Texas.