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Claude SIMON

Claude Simon was trained as a humanist in arts and sciences in France (Sorbonne), in the UK (UCL) and in New York City (School of Visual Arts). He became a communication specialist, working as a teacher, researcher and consultant in schools, universities and private companies. He lived in London for ten years, then in Princeton and New York for eight years. He met the artist Cynthia in New York and they’ve been together ever since. He came back to Europe with her, where they lived in many different places like London, Toulouse, Berlin and Paris. They both travelled extensively through South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Throughout his life, he kept diaries of his numerous professional and personal experiences, and of his imaginary visions, people and situations. He started his own activities after over a decade of private company slavery. He has been involved mostly in coaching people in change situations. He decided then to put his notes into readable formats, whether short stories, novels or poetry. Claude is now focusing his energies on finalizing book projects, whether conceived over the past twenty years or from new inspirations. When he does not write, Claude draws and paints, mostly on imaginary or abstract themes. Claude lives in France at the moment (2015).