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Clive La Pensée

Clive started writing, by turning a hobby, (brewing historical beers) into an income. Those books made him a household name around the world among craft brewers. He still brews awesome Victorian Pale Ales.
From the beginning, he enjoyed fiction writing and after beer, he returned to the happy wilderness of writing for fun. Having enjoyed his success with his beer books as one of the early Indies, (Montag Publications) he decided to continue on that route.
Indie publishing means he can remain a risk-taker. That's vital! He argues, 'We read and write fiction in order to explore a world that is otherwise, inaccessible to us. Living on the edge through a book is part of the process of having safe adventures.'
Clive often investigates the contrasts between youth and age - how an old and a young person deal with the same problem. ‘Learn from the young or go the way of the dinosaurs,’ is his maxim.

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