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Colin Guest

Colin Guest. (1940 - 2015) Born in England, and moved to live in Turkey in 1998 after working on a hotel project there. Now retired and currently living in Istanbul with his Turkish wife. From an apprentice Joiner/Shopfitter, worked his way up the ladder, with his working in 15 countries spread throughout the Middle/ Far East and North Africa. Projects were mainly high class interior finishing works, to 5 star hotels and palaces.
He has had a number of articles published online including
Real Estate in Turkey. How I travelled to the Middle/East, Asia & North Africa as a Contracted Worker.Escapefrom
The Red Tape of Getting Married to a Foreign Senior Citizen., and Retirement in Turkey,
How I travelled to 14 Countries with no Money was published in Nexus, a UK expat magazine.
"An Expats Experiences of Living in Turkey," is his first book to be published, with his presently writing, "Follow in the Tigermans Footsteps." This is his memoir, covering numerous life threatening, crazy and hilarious incidents, which occurred during his working as an expat worker. It was due to his working as an expat, which caused him to have an interest in the environment and wild animals, hence the title of his memoir. He feels very strongly about nature, and is a member/supporter of various organisations re wildlife and the environment. After working as a volunteer with wild animals at Rescue/Rehabilitation centres in South Africa and Thailand, he recommends this as a way of giving something back to nature. His memoir,"Follow in the Tigermans Footsteps," is intended to help readers discover a life, many only dream about.