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Crystal Elizabeth Melville

Born in the United States Virgin Islands, and raised in the foster care system, Crystal Elizabeth Melville embarked on a life unknown, one that was marred by insecurities, abandonment, ridicule, and fear, which led to a life as an abused and battered woman. Ms. Melville, however, did not lose focus and hope she once had in the dreams she had as a child and the love and promise she experienced at the feet of her strong foster mother, who embedded, the strength and faith she needed to break free to one day find her purpose and higher calling.

Ms. Melville managed to turn her life around in spite of the fact she was forced to raise four children on her own. She later returned to school, and completed her seminary education, while garnering the experience of the likes of Florence Nightingale, and Harriet Tubman, as she led her children and others through dark times, provided for them and nursed their physical and emotional wounds.

Ms. Melville is credited with authoring daily teaching that can transform any willing vessel for change, her books: "Their Eyes Are Watching Us, Bridging the Gap one generation to Another," "Emotional Intelligence for Parents, A Guide," and her new book, " Journey to Your Higher Self, a Heart to Heart Discussion From the Lives of Kings, Queens and Prophets." Ms. Melville is also the host of her new weekly podcast on Blog Talk Radio, entitled: "Journey to Your Higher Self," and the founder of the "Higher Self Mindset Coaching Academy." You may also find her on social media on Twitter: @HigherSelfCoach, on Facebook: @HigherSelfCoach, and on Instagram: @HigherSelf Coach, where she curates daily inspirational and teachings to help people break addictions, and strongholds, to overcome family and parenting struggles.

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