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D.W. Allison

At an early age, I found myself constantly reading books, novels and anything that would further my knowledge base on just about everything and anything.
While serving in the Marine Corps at MCAS Yuma, Arizona, there was a statewide, or perhaps a nationwide murder case that sparked my interest in journalism. It was the case of Don Bolles, an investigative reporter who was murdered in Phoenix, Arizona in 1976.
Back then journalism was a powerful tool in fighting corruption on every level and from the first report of the assassination of Bolles, journalism would be my field of study and choice.
I turned to writing about everyday life. After much thoughts, notes and plenty of daily events to use as plots, I decided to give fictional accounts of everyday life as it pertains to America.
I try to put into words and images, the reality associated with actually taking back the country instead of talking about taking it back.