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Darnell Darnell Smith

Born into a life of extreme poverty and hunger, I had two choices, die or survive. I have overcome great personal obstacles to break free of poverty and the limitations of my mind and environment.

I started off my professional career as a computer programmer and for some reason, no amount of pay increase, seemed to bring any real fulfilment in life. I discovered my true calling almost by accident. I became a youth mentor in a community with a high volume of disenfranchised teens and within years, I started to see a number of lives turn around with positive discernible results.

I started to see rebellious teens become lawyers, businessmen, many other top jobs. I began to realise that success was a transferable skill that could become a habit with repetition. Even to this day, I still mentor kids for free.

I decided to become a writer of success books, when some the kids I mentored who are now grown men, came back to me after having career success and wanting more fulfilling lives. I realised there must be many people out there who want more from life than thier mundane 925 jobs, and I have made it my mission to create as many slef employed millionaires as possible.

I write to help others discover their fullest potential in business, career and life. I love my wife, kids and church and beyond all material things, enjoy a fulfilling life filled with people who make this experience on earth such a blessing.

Helping others find success, meaning and fulfilment has in turn been its own reward for me. I do not write for money or the material trappings but to add value to lives through the success books I write.