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Davy Toh

There is nothing special and notable about me. I was born to Chinese parents on the tropically sunny and evergreen island country near the equator that is nothing more than a mere dot on the world map known as the Republic of Singapore on the Christmas afternoon of 1972. Fact is, I'm just another faceless face lost in the crowd of mundane going about their daily activities trying to survive yet another boring day. Surely would have died of boredom long ago if not for my innate ability to build castles in the air since birth. Has been writing since as young as I can remember which might have been during my pre-teen years. Can't recall, really, it's been that long! The only thing that can compare to my fierce addiction and passion for writing is video and computer gaming. To me, writing is just like fine wine. The more it ages, the better it gets. Just as I have developed my own unique writing style over the years the more I write. My personal blog site at WordPress that I have created in December 2014 after I survived my fatal and near-death heart-attack (which was a wake-up call itself) as a means of creating global awareness about myself, my passion for written words and my first self-published book Phantasy is nothing short of my own personal playground for expressing myself, promoting my books, spilling my feelings and thoughts just about anything and everything, and more! Seriously though, I believe I started writing by putting down my daily thoughts and feeling as a child as my only means of expressing myself since I am an introvert and slow developer who can never express himself clearly in real-time. Everything about me and my book/s can be found on my blog site and Facebook page. To know more about the idiot known as Davy Toh, aka Just Dave or as I prefer to be known now simply as 'J.D.', please feel free to log into my personal blogsite and find out more about me! Below is a recent blog post about myself I would like to share with everybody entitled 'Me In A Nutshell'. Enjoy!

The thing about me is that I’m honestly not trying to gain fame and wealth by becoming an author. All I have wanted to do my entire life was to follow my dream and write, that’s all. And gaining popularity with books isn’t as easy as people think. It’s quality and not quantity that matters here. You can write a thousand different books and people might not even buy a copy not because people don’t care. It’s because people can’t relate to them at all. You can write just one book and if you’re that good, even if you’re a nobody like me, it’ll sell and be known, sooner or later. Just a matter of time, that’s all. Seriously, I’m not trying to be another J.K. Rowling. I’m trying to be me, myself! I am J.D. or Just Dave. Otherwise, known by his more common and boringly simple alter-ego or persona Davy Toh.