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Delilah Jean Williams

Delilah is an environmental journalist, published author and political activist. Her work has been printed in Seattle Magazine, Neighborhood America, Women's Network Journal, Critters USA, Pet Products, and online news sites. She has had dozens of environmental Op/Ed articles published on the Internet and in national newspapers over the past twenty years.

Literary publisher Macmillan SA purchased an article Ms. Williams wrote in 2011 about the Egyptian spring revolution, which was published in a South Africa school book. She gave them free exclusive rights to renew the piece in subsequent editions.

In 2010, Delilah had the privilege of interviewing renowned conservationist Elizabeth Cushman Titus Putnam after she received the Presidential Citizen's Medal from President Obama.

Delilah has done freelance work for corporations and environmental groups, including Sustainable Oroville and American (Green) Homes. Her work includes non-fiction, short stories and eco-fables for children.

Her Young Adult Sci-Fi book, Scorched Earth, Alien Wonders was published in June, 2015 and is available in paperback and Kindle eBook on

Delilah is a member of Pacific Northwest Writers Association. She lives in a rural Seattle suburb surrounded by nature and wildlife.