Author Picture

Diane Merrill Wigginton

Lady Angelina Marguerite Amelia Stewart was born in a time when women were valued for their beauty and titles but little else. As a
beloved daughter, Angelina was blessed with a quick mind and a sharp wit which she used liberally regardless of consequences.
Determined never to be owned by any man, she shunned societal rules to live life on her own terms. Surprised by her parents for
her nineteenth birthday, Angelina sets out on a sea voyage that will challenge her resolve and discovers a family secret that
changes her life. Captain Jude Deveraux is living a double life. He is the Captain of a band of French privateers sanctioned by the
King of France to steal and plunder unsuspecting ships that sail into his territory. Jude was awarded the title of Duke of Bayonne for
services rendered to the Crown. He had been educated in the finest schools in London alongside other aristocratic noblemen so he
knows how to blend in. Jilted in his youth, Jude is determined to take what he wants and he soon discovers that he wants to win the
untamed heart of the fiery Lady Stewart regardless of the danger it poses.