Author Picture


D. G. Speirs (1961- ) is a writer and adventurer living in Florida. Born in New York, raised in California, he's been a traveler all his life. A former sailor, he was once the top graduate from the Navy's toughest enlisted school. But he can't talk much about that.

He's also enjoyed a long career as an entertainer on stage and screen, and still occasionally sings and dances in places, including work as a comedian doing both sketch and improv and working as a celebrity impersonator of another famous author.

He's a fan of local theme parks, especially one housing a friendly rodent population, and visits them regularly to watch the people go by. He's also an aficionado of all sorts of television animation and believes that a Saturday morning watching shows with a bowl of Cap'n Crunch still sounds like a pretty good way to start the weekend. There's a special place in his heart for the Disney Afternoon...

He has two beautiful daughters, a cat with a foot fetish named Houdini, and a palm tree named Curtis Jackson. Not bad for a beach bum writer.

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