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Donna Markussen

Author Donna Markussen is a mother, wife, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, known for her fierce advocacy for taking control of one’s own health. Donna teaches us to summon the courage within and learn to question the Western medicine approach towards disease and ill health, to get the root cause of our pain and stressors, in order to heal our bodies.

Through her work, Donna empowers others to find optimal health through nutrition, intuition and self-care. She believes when we are aware of and sensitive to our body's intuitive knowledge, we become aware of the changing conditions in our body and are better able to monitor our health challenges, and nurture our well being.

A breast cancer survivor and advocate, Donna shares her personal struggles with health problems and disease, including her own battle with autoimmune disease and chronic pain, brought on by lifestyle choices, self-sabotaging behavior and false beliefs about herself.

Her goal is to provide training, education, and information empowering others to take back control of their body and mind to live a long, healthy life. Stay in touch with Donna by signing up for her newsletter to keep abreast of current events and programs on her website