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Duke Robinson

During 2015, I worked feverishly on my memoir, STANDING ON MY HEAD ... WITH MY FLY OPEN (No, no, sorry--that's the name of the book--I wrote sitting at my computer. You can find this memoir it at with my four other books, in both paperback and Kindle forms. By the start of 2016, it can be purchased through bookstores everywhere.

In 2000, after 32 years in Oakland, I moved to Rossmoor, an active adult community in Walnut Creek, California, 15 miles east of Oakland, where I continue to write. Early in 2012, I helped found the Published Writers of Rossmoor, an active club of some 100 published and aspiring-to-publish authors. For the past two years I've served as its president. We focus not so much on writing, but on publishing and marketing our books in these chaotic, unprecedented days for both.