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I was the like new black writer in television. Eric Monte which Mike Evan, create the “Good Times,” and “The Jeffersons,” and the “Good Times,” did Award and nominations, Golden Globe Award, Humanitas Prize, and TV Land Award! The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, Cannes Film Festival, Golden Palm!
I write that did the “Cooley High,” that what’s highest movie in the now advertisement in radio! What is that 30’s is there is no said that “Cooley High,” black they is that movie is the ever is favorite is their. TIME is that is honor of Black History Month, TIME critic Richard Corliss surveys nearly a century of cinema, and reflects on 25 defining works that broke down the walls of intolerance on the big screen. Entertainment Weekly's: "The 50 Best High School Movies" Cooley High 1975
“Blueprint For Peace,” did this book would how we could peace on this Earth. End war, eliminate tax, and reduce crime 70%! College said that I could book on my on
Buffalo State College (BSC) (Carnen J. Iannaccone, Ed. D.)
Buffalo State College (BSC) (Gounard, Jean)
Buffalo State College (BSC) (Wells, Gail)

Buffalo State College (BSC) (Clifford Carl Cawthon)

Buffalo State College (BSC) (Kathy Hanaka at the Barnes & Noble bookstore)

Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture (Emily Nelson
Program Director)

City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs & Licensing (Alfredo Camarena)

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WVON Kelly Lee Williams

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Television Show on Thursday, July 19th Steve Mosley
Portland State University (Dr. Randy Blazac)
I had never not high school only freshman.
I have not biography gave of my book, I’ve Eric Monte Bio, “Have a Happy,” DVD but not a book on Nat Turney’s, “Prophet Nat.” This a history romance for his life!
I’ve a stroke 2007! I can’t hard talk and write. I can walk, hand, and see!
Eric Monte
Have a Happy