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FJ Harmon

I was born and raised in Michigan, graduating from Lawrence Technological University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. With the Vietnam War hot at the time I went straight to Officer Candidate School, was commissioned as an Ensign, and began my career in Naval Intelligence. After a short stint on active duty, I moved to Maryland and pursued duel careers as a Naval Reserve Intelligence analyst and as a national intelligence technical analyst working at various agencies over my career such as the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency. For thirty-six years my writing was confined to technical documents, position papers and contract proposals, not exactly the stuff of fiction. My urge to write fiction was kept on the "back burner" until my retirement in 2007, when looking for something to do with my time, I was inspired by a proposal by the state of North Carolina. They proposed to build a deep-sea port between a nuclear power plant and a nuclear arms depot, which to many seemed to be present an ideal terrorist target. The next six years were devoted to research and honing my fiction writing skills, and my first book was born.