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Frank Norton

F.J.Norton was born and raised in Albany, New York he came from a food-focused family, believing sharing meals together to talk about everyone's day and the events of the world was very important in gaining a perspective of life. Upon graduating from the Culinary Institute of America he traveled the country working with Chefs that where influential in his culinary vision of Modern Cuisine in America. The past twenty years he has been The Executive Chef for some of Americas finest hotels and private clubs. He is now fulfilling a childhood aspiration of being an author. It started with garlic & onions and it spread to metaphors & satire.
"Cut a Chef, you find a poet, every aspect of gastronomy, from planting, to harvest, to raising livestock, to cooking, to eating, has inspired writers for centuries. Food is about memory, sex, joy, Love, shame, longing, loss. Food and poetry have long shared this nebulous relationship, to nourish the mind, body and soul."