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Greg Frucci

I grew up a Military Brat, specifically a Marine Corps Brat. Dad was a jet-fighter pilot in the United States Marine Corps for 20 years. As we moved around, dad taught me how to adapt, which created a fearless desire for adventure.

In 1984, I graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University, earning a Bachelor of Architecture and worked as an Architect for 20 years, nine of which was a sole proprietorship. I was fired from my last job as an Architect in own doing as I was quite a different human back then. As I reflect, I am in deep gratitude for the massive learning experience.

Creative thinking is my passion. I acted in and directed some films beginning in 2005 which fueled the artist in me...a complete and utter blast. I've written five screenplays, the most powerful one of those is about the life of my greatest Hero, my Father and will be a published book in 2016.

Of all the experiences of my life thus far, the one which transformed me into the human I am now, is the solo sailing adventure I embarked upon on June 9, 2011. In a way, am still on. I single-handed a small sailboat from North Carolina to Bermuda and back. A changing course of almost two thousand miles over open ocean through peaceful and stormy seas.  When I came back in December of 2011 from the second part of the adventure, I began to write.  For six months, I became a hermit while living on my 30-foot sailboat with my dog, Lucky.  All I did was walk my dog, eat, work at the Home Depot and after day.  The six months of blog-writing turned into a book about adventure, love, overcoming challenges and self-leadership, "Path of Three Hundred: Volume 1", now in the third edition and published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing.

Meditation was something I unknowingly practiced while alone at sea. Years later, I now meditate twice a day for thirty minutes based upon training by the Chopra Institute in Primordial Sound Meditation.

Today, I am a storyteller in both word and voice. A passionate human who inspires other humans to be precisely who they are and not so much what others think they should be. Deep down within us...this is what we truly desire...freedom to simply be. Success is always there.