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Greg Lewin

Greg Lewin grew up in the racially divided town of Westbury, New York, in the volatile 1960's and early 1970's. His experiences profoundly shaped his life. He went on to manage the money of wealthy individuals and institutions for one of the elite institutions on Wall Street. At the same time and with the same effort he went on to create one of the early and successful mentoring programs in New York City. His work was honored by President George H. W. Bush for his service to the community and he and his program were featured in the New York Times. His responsibilities serving those of great wealth and power as well as those with great needs created for him a toxic brew of ambition, guilt, frustration and anger that eventually led to depression and a dangerous heart condition. With the invaluable help of his unconventional advisors, he looked back at his life and discovered that central to all of his successes and failures was his relationship with trust. His book revisits his unique story and offers the reader insights that can change the direction of their lives.