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Greg Murry

Growing up in California with an intense interest in military history and surfing, Greg Murry joined the National Guard in 1963. In 1965 he joined the regular army and was assigned to West Germany. In 1966 he requested a transfer from the 2nd Battalion, 54th Infantry to the 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam.
There he participated in the largest operations of the Vietnam War: Operations Attleboro, Cedar Falls, Junction City I-II. During Junction City, he participated in the battles of Prek Klok I and Ap Gu, one of the most lopsided victories of the war. In June of 1967, the 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry and the 2d Battalion, 28th Infantry fought the 271st VC Regiment in the battles of Xom Bo I-II during Operation Billings. During Xom Bo II, on June 17th, the author’s platoon was at the center of the main enemy assault. Out of forty-three men, he was one of eight who walked away.
Returning to the chaos of American society in 1968 where he was assigned for a short time to the 1st Battalion, 3d Infantry (The Old Guard) in Washington, D.C., he finished his enlistment in California at Fort MacArthur, near Los Angeles. Moving to northern California he worked as a horse wrangler on a ranch before heading south where he worked for a while at an orphanage near Mexico City. Then he continued south on an extended walk-about through Central America and eventually found himself in Colombia, South America.
Returning to California he moved to Texas, where he joined the National Guard. After completing his enlistment he worked as a police officer in Austin, Texas. A few years later he rejoined the National Guard where he co-founded an ad hoc special operations unit that provided surveillance support to law enforcement agencies for the war on drugs.
In 2003, he deployed to Afghanistan where he served as an intelligence advisor to the Afghan National Army and as a member of an embedded trainer team. He is married with children and grandchildren and retired in Austin, Texas.