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James E Woods

I used to ride around with my uncle asking total strangers for directions to fictitious streets. Most people would give us the directions. GPS has taken all the fun out of that. That being said...

I never thought I would be an author. But a year ago after recovering from a short stay in the hospital, I was provoked by a friend, who is an author, to give it a try.
Who would have thought it? Me, an author. My hope is that you enjoy my books.

I am the husband of 39 years to Barbara Woods and the father of Tiffany and James III. I have over 33 years of ministry, business and leadership experience. In 1983, I founded The El Shaddai Christian Assembly during which time I have also served as Interim Pastor of two other churches. Through the years, I have trained a host of ministers, preached throughout the United States and the Caribbean in person, via television, and radio. Presently, in addition to my pastoral duties, I am preparing to start the Institute of Biblical Economics and Leadership, whose mission is to educate people in the fundamentals of economic excellence and to teach leadership principles. I also serve as a board member and financial advisor to the Children of Destiny Family Ministry, which provides both childcare and educational services to families in the Philadelphia area. The inaugural date of the El Shaddai Classical Christian Academy will be in the fall of 2017. My Ministry and Mission is to “Build People and Transform Lives”.