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James T. (Stew) Stewart

A SciFi book I began writing in 1971 is finally finished. The title is "King of a Thousand Suns," published by Christine F. Anderson. I previously self-published 23 total editions of 2 books on over a 24 year period on workers' compensation law in California as a legal Assistant.
I published my books under my own name & revised Tables in the W/C Laws of CA from 1992 to 2013
January 2016 – Present (3 months)My wife and I moved from Clovis, California to Shelter Cove, CA
The "Table"s mentioned above were and still are published by Matthew Bender/LexisNexis.

I read/write Science Fiction; surf on-line, walk my dog and watch waves breaking on rocks. I also enjoy watching my wife feed local deer saltine crackers from her palm at the foot of the stairs leading up to our front door while I flick crackers like playing cards to deer on the grass who are too shy to come closer. It is hard, grueling work, but someone has to do it!