Author Picture

Jill McDonald-Constable

Gil McDonald is just one of the author names of Jill McDonald-Constable who is published on both sides of the Atlantic.

Jill's childhood was spent watching the Western films and series which were prolific at that time. She also spent many years riding horses. Why she hadn't thought of writing Westerns before now, she doesn't know!

Gil writes Romantic Westerns for Prairie Rose Publications in America, She has also had a story about one of her dogs published in their anthology, 'Pawprints on my Heart.' Her latest work for them is a short supernatural tale, which came out in time for Halloween 2016. All of the books under the name of Gil McDonald are available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book versions.

Jill also writes traditional Westerns for Robert Hale (Black Horse Westerns) Her author name for Hale is Amos Carr. Her third Hale Western came out in late summer 2015. Those books are in most UK libraries now, and also available in large print.

Writing as Jill McDonald, she has now been accepted by another publishing house in USA Rebecca J Vickery Publishing. 'The Gypsy's Kiss' a contemporary, slightly supernatural love story is out now!