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THE REAL NAPOLEON - The Untold Story has just been published as a PAPERBACK on Amazon. This second edition has a new and extensive Appendix of 6,000 words. The first edition is still available in three parts on Amazon Kindle or as a whole on Smashwords. The Real Napoleon - The Untold Story is based upon the twenty articles John has written for the INS - The International Napoleonic Society based in Montreal.

Whether it's a terrifying horror like TOTAL ZOMBIE - A Zombie Trilogy of 80,000 words; a frightening dystopia like the SOUL SURVIVOR Series; or even a whole new genre with INCUBUS GOTHIC - the first in a series of HORROTICA novels and a massive 175,000 words, John knows how to keep the reader hooked. His writing puts you right in the middle of the story and you soon feel that you are a part of it. He is adept at writing in many genres including Romance and academic works. John's stories and articles have been published in six magazines.

Another mammoth book, THE WEAVERS OF TIME, a Viking fantasy adventure, is almost complete - 174,000 words have already been written and all five parts so far can be read on Amazon Kindle.

John was born in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England. He trained as teacher of history and geography at Sheffield City College of Education and later took an M.A. in history with Sheffield Polytechnic and University. He now lives in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The subject of his dissertation was Thomas Wentworth, the First Earl of Strafford, a local hero.

John has a vast library of books and is interested in Napoleonic history; the English Civil War; the American Civil War; Prehistory and the origin of Early Man; dinosaurs, wildlife; and the future of Man in Space. He has a catholic taste where music is concerned and enjoys boogie-woogie, contemporary and Classical music. He has a piano of his own and has written music and songs, one of which "Paris In The Rain" is on Youtube.

When you buy one of John's books you can be sure of a great read - you won't want to put your Kindle down. So what are you waiting for? Prices start at only $2-99 and £1-53.