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Joie Davidow

Joie Davidow's latest book is a short novel, I Wouldn't Leave Rome to Go to Heaven, published in Spring 2008. She is the author of Marked for Life, a memoir published by Harmony in June 2003, and Infusions of Healing, A Treasury of Mexican-American Herbal Remedies, published by Fireside/​Simon & Schuster in October 1999. With Esmeralda Santiago, she is the editor of two anthologies, Las Christmas: Favorite Latino Authors Remember the Holidays, published by Alfred A. Knopf in November 1998, and Las Mamis: Favorite Latino Authors Remember Their Mothers, published by Knopf in April 2000.
Her next book, "An Unofficial Marriage," is a historical novel, set against the backdrop of the tumultuous events of 19th century Europe. It's the story of the love affair of two great artists — the revered Russian author, Ivan Turgenev, and the most celebrated opera singer of her day, Pauline Viardot-Garcia.
She is currently the editor of, an online magazine she founded in 2005 with Vikki Ericks.
Her Rome Writing Workshops attract both accomplished authors and newcomers to the craft.